Adrenaline Mountain Gift Cards

Adrenaline Mountain Gift Cards!
Embark on the ultimate adventure with Adrenaline Mountain Gift Cards! Dive into the heart of excitement at our Extreme Entertainment Complex, located just 40 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Picture-perfect desert mountains, set the stage for an exhilarating escape like no other.

About Adrenaline Mountain: Discover an array of extreme activities all in one location! Shoot a Machine Gun, conquer Off-Road UTV Tours, command a Monster Truck, unleash destruction with Heavy Equipment, test your aim with Archery & Axe Throwing, and much more. Say goodbye to wasting time traveling to multiple venues—experience 8 heart-pounding attractions in a single day at Adrenaline Mountain!

Shoot a Machine Gun:Home to Shoot Las Vegas, our arsenal boasts 70 guns, including Machine Guns, Handguns, Western Guns, and Sniper Rifles. Feel the power as you even blow up a car with a Sniper Rifle!

Go Off-Roading: Get behind the wheel of our UTVs for a desert adventure like no other. Laps on our private track and custom trails guarantee an Off-Road experience unequalled. Choose from 1-seaters to 4-seaters for your personal thrill.

Drive A Monster Truck: Climb into the world's longest Monster Truck or take control of our 40’ HEMMT Military Vehicle. Experience the raw power of these colossal machines!

Crush Car Parts: Use our Caterpillar Excavator to crush a car, pick it up, drop it, and roll over it. Feel the incredible force of our powerful Cat!

Archery & Axe Throwing: Test your skills with bows, crossbows, and try your hand at throwing axes, Tomahawks, or knives. Challenge yourself with targets at varying distances.

Gift Cards Available: Choose the perfect adrenaline-fueled gift from our $200, $300, $400, and $500 options—unlocking 8 heart-pounding experiences in one location!With flexible redemption, recipients use the gift card towards their chosen adventure, creating a personalized and unforgettable experience.Give the gift of choice—purchase your Adrenaline Mountain Gift Card now and let your loved ones create lasting memories!
What to Bring:
● Don't forget your valid driver's license.
● Please wear closed-toe shoes for all Adrenaline Mountain experiences.
● We suggest wearing comfortable clothing suited for the weather.
● Sunglasses are highly recommended.